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Talent Locker SEO

In January 2019 I joined Talent Locker as Marketing Manager. With sole responsibility for the digital and offline marketing efforts of the company. They were mid-migration to a new site and upon arrival I was met with something that was some way short of expectations.

We had technical problems and issues I'd never heard of, let alone experienced. However I got to grips with them and managed to propel the site towards considerable improvements.


I worked almost exclusively on my own and before leaving, website went up from a handful a month to 10-20 per day. All whilst maintaining and building up the quality of those applications. We also saw significant uplifts in sessions, traffic and visibility during this time. 

WorldWide Motorhoming Holidays - Where Will the Road Take You

When I was brought into this project, the contract had already been sold on the basis of the idea of helping site visitors decide where to go on a motorhoming holiday.

Based on my triple lock method I determined we'd be best off providing multiple locations, but it was decided we would restrict this to the locations they actually toured at the time.

I fully researched and wrote the content for this, including the production of country and roadtrip specific playlists. I was especially proud of the phrasebooks, which took into account English speaking countries by providing a list of fun phrases!


Protyre held significant and unique data relating to MOT results around the UK. They wanted to utilise this data alongside data provided by DVSA/DFT to promote their business. We intended to achieve this through a content-driven campaign to establish their expertise and gain awareness of their brand.

We produced research that allowed us to create an interactive map, a static/infographic and supporting blog content. With my primary role being to review the huge amount of research and combine this into a series of interesting findings that would help produce the content and then promote it via digital PR efforts.

Glamour Boutique - Transgender Clothing Campaigns

We ran two successful infographics campaigns for an American transgender clothing company. Each piece secured interest and links online, whilst also providing the owner with tangible assets that he could proudly share with his network.

The first infographic tackled the topic of changing attitudes in the US towards transgender people. The topic was challenging but important and so we had to ensure we got it right.

The second campaign looked at the experiences of transgender people before and after transitions. We worked with an influencer in the space to co-promote the content and tell her story. Which significantly boosted the appeal of the content and the project as a whole.

Both campaigns provided success, securing links in the USA in a market that had proved difficult to achieve them for in the past.


For this campaign I lead the entire process, right from the original research and ideation elements of the campaign.

We researched this topic thoroughly, relying only on the most trusted resources to provide us with an interesting infographic. My intention was to demonstrate the expertise of the founder, whilst also using the exciting data and illustrations to make an interesting and shareable piece of content.

Artwork by Chris

Maru/EDR - Black Friday Spending 2018

We worked alongside a leading market research organisation to predict if they would shop on Black Friday and if so, whether they would be online or in person. We got the best coverage for the predictions, which received coverage in Econsultancy amongst others, but we subsequently followed it up to discover that online sales skyrocketed whilst in store sales flatlined or reduced dependant on the industry.

Forth Capital - Picking the Right Country: For Expats

The client was a trusted pensions and investments advisor and we were tasked with providing content that would raise awareness of the brand.

The subject was a clear favourite from the very beginning of my triple lock process. This piece went on to secure print and website coverage from The Mirror and a large number of niche websites. Ensuring that it was a highly successful infographic campaign.

Artwork by Emma

Comms Express - The Heroes of ICT

We wanted to combine Chris' incredible artwork and style with some fun and shareable facts about ICT support.

We wanted people to recognise themselves in this piece and when they didn't recognis an experience they have had.

Whilst this gained something of a cult following for them within existing clients, it did not secure press coverage to the extent we had hoped.

Artwork by Chris

Primo Toys - Cubetto

Cubetto was the largest educational toy crowdfunding project in history. I was tasked to work alongside an outstanding technical SEO to grow their community and formalise their marketing processes.

Monthly revenue grew 996% over the course of just 5 months. Partially as a result of increasing media coverage and growing every social media channel utilised by the team.

This campaign involved formalising their organic marketing and social media efforts.  During this time we strategised, streamlined, consistently branded and efficently produced content through a small in-house team.